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We are a balanced educational play-based childcare. Our playful pedagogy is the idea that children learn and develop through active engagement and exploration. Children will engage in structured lessons encompassing the acquisition of essential skills such as letter recognition, letter-sound correspondence, phonics, vowel recognition, and proficiency in single-vowel words. These sessions are further enriched through the incorporation of musical elements and physical movement, augmenting the pedagogical experience during preschool activities. Subsequent to these activities, the curriculum may encompass the introduction of rudimentary reading materials, contingent upon the individual proficiency level of each child.

To reinforce the acquired knowledge, age-appropriate worksheets are employed as didactic tools, facilitating the consolidation of learning objectives. Additionally, an integral facet of the curriculum involves honing fine motor skills through guided exercises in penmanship, including the practice of handwriting their own names.

It is imperative to underscore that the implementation of these instructional endeavors is attuned to the unique aptitude of each child, with the progression of activities contingent upon their individualized skill level. It is during this instructional period that intermittent breaks are incorporated, allowing for necessary restroom visits, and for those exhibiting readiness, an introduction to potty training is seamlessly interwoven into the curriculum.



Welcome to our vibrant and imaginative Arts and Crafts program designed especially for your little ones at Bright Bears Childcare! Our goal is to inspire young minds through hands-on exploration, creativity, and self-expression.

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✂️ Hands-On Learning: Our Arts and Crafts sessions aren’t just about fun – they’re also about learning! Children will develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness as they cut, glue, paint, and assemble their masterpieces. Our experienced instructors provide gentle guidance, fostering independence and confidence in every child.

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 🎨Unleash Imagination: Watch as your child’s imagination takes flight! Our carefully curated crafts engage children in activities that encourage them to dream, design, and create. From whimsical creatures to fantastical landscapes, each project is a doorway to endless imagination.

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🎉 Celebrating Seasons and Holidays: Our crafts are designed to celebrate the changing seasons and special holidays. From adorable pumpkins in the fall to joyful snowflakes in the winter, children will connect with the world around them and the traditions they hold dear.

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🌈 Colorful Creations: Prepare for a world of vibrant colors! We introduce kids to a wide spectrum of hues, teaching them about primary and secondary colors, color mixing, and the emotions colors can convey. Through our projects, children will create their own kaleidoscope of beautiful artwork.


🖌️ Multi-Sensory Exploration: Arts and Crafts is more than just visual – it’s a multi-sensory experience! Children will experiment with different textures, materials, and tools, stimulating their senses and fostering creativity in new and exciting ways.

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👫 Social Connection: Our program promotes social interaction and teamwork. Children will have the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and appreciate each other’s creativity. Friendships will blossom as they work side by side, making memories that last a lifetime.

Join us at Bright Bears Childcare and watch as your child’s world becomes a canvas of imagination and joy. Enroll now to ensure your little one’s spot in a journey filled with colors, laughter, and endless artistic possibilities!



A music/movement activity at a daycare is a planned session where children are encouraged to express themselves through a combination of music and physical movement. These activities are designed to promote various aspects of their development, including gross motor skills, rhythm recognition, cognitive development, and social interaction.


Our dedicated caregivers have years of experience, CPR and First Aid certified, passed extensive background checks, certified mandated reporters, and are passionate about early childhood development. Your child will receive personalized attention and care.


Our dedicated caregivers have years of experience, CPR and First Aid certified, passed extensive background checks, certified mandated reporters, and are passionate about early childhood development. Your child will receive personalized attention and care.


We believe that children thrive in an environment that feels like a second home. Our cozy, well-equipped space offers a welcoming atmosphere where your child can learn, play and grow.

Social Interaction

To ensure child gets the attention they deserve, we maintain a small group size. This allows for more individualized care and tailored activities.

Educational Value

We offer age-appropriate learning activities and educational play to stimulate your child’s cognitive and social development.

Emotional Expression

Stay connected with your child’s day through daily updates and communication, ensuring you’re always informed about their progress and experiences.

Physical Development

We provide nutritious meals and snacks to keep your child energized throughout the day. We accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies.

Cognitive Benefits

We understand the demands of modern life, so we offer part and full-time hours to accommodate your schedule.

Fun & Engagement

At Bright Bears Childcare’s Licensed In-Home Daycare, we take every precaution to ensure your child’s safety and happiness. Our space is childproofed, and we follow strict health and hygiene protocols. We are also CPR and First Aid certified.

Overall, music/movement activities in a daycare setting contribute to a well-rounded and holistic approach to child development, fostering creativity, social skills, and a love for music and movement from an early age.